SNEHA was started in the year 1999 to support the poor and vulnerable in order to improve their economic status, natural resource management, education, health and sanitation. Social mobilization was aimed at building and strengthening people’s organisations and assist in the training and capacity building of organisations at various levels. It also aimed at improving the existing credit delivery system in order to empower the underprivileged sections of society, particularly in rural areas.


To sustainably improve the living conditions of the poor and vulnerable and concentrating on resources on the legitimate needs of the community.


  • To facilitate the process of development and growth in rural communities by effectively and sustainably utilizing both human and natural resources within the community.
  • To work towards favorable changes for the rural poor by creating a network of institutions
  • To enhance participative planning, implementation and monitoring through people institutions.


  • Community centered : The approach will be grassroots centric, with emphasis on involvement of the community as a whole and convergence of departments at GP level
  • Demand Driven: Demand generated from within the community through participatory approaches, making the community to understand their responsibilities as a citizen.Good sanitation should be the birth right of every citizen