Devanahalli IHHL project- A collaboration on SNEHA and CDD

image07SNEHA and CDD in Devanahalli collaborated with the Town Municipality to execute this project. The project was created to bring a behavioural change among the community on toilet construction and usage in 4 villages and 3 slums -Wards 9, 21 and 23.

The names of the villages taken for the project are:

  1. Akkupete

  2. DVM Colony

  3. Neerguntepalya

  4. Vinayakanagara

The main objectives of the project were:

  • To educate the households in the slums about the hazardous effects of open defecation

  • To ensure every house has a toilet facility

  • To pursue and educate families who are not willing to have a toilet to construct one

  • To conduct training sessions for masons and women in the villages

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Key Strategies

  • The project was developed in order to construct the toilets in the slums of Devanahalli and also to help the villagers know the hazardous effects of Open Defecation.
  • With the Women of all these slums, there were major workshops and trainings conducted to make them realise about various issues ranging from menstrual hygiene to open defecation and also maintaining the toilets well.
  • The Children of the slums were trained in the usage and maintaining of toilets in their schools and how to take this practice forward amongst their peer groups.
  • The families were motivated to construct toilet and avoid open defecation through various ways and also by lending support in getting funds from the government.
  • The TMC were able to upload the details of the villagers with the help of the project motivators, who ensured the villagers submitted the documents.
  • Door to door visit was one of the strategies used to motivate the people to build the toilets and continuous monitoring was also undertaken.