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To achieve the above objectives, SNEHA promotes a convergent approach creating a platform to mobilise and organise people’s institutions in the working area. It will facilitate Government and Communities, as well as NGO staff, enabling them to play a coordinated role in the extension of services and improvement in the quality of services. The local institutions, when organised and strengthened, will have greater involvement in assessing, analysing, planning, managing, monitoring and working jointly with systems on a continuing basis. This will lead to the interventions having greater relevance to local conditions and will help to ensure transparency, cost effectiveness, and accountability.

Many initiatives and interventions taken up in the Districts by the Government and NGOs have resulted in the emergence of organised groups of people. These groups have enabled the promotion of village activities such as savings credit schemes, and the management of resources. In order to ensure sustainability, these groups need further capacity building to go beyond these activities and develop proper linkages with developmental institutions.

The experience of all developmental initiatives has shown that delivery mechanism alone cannot effectively reach the poorer sections, unless there is reciprocal will and determination to receive help, and, if not received, to demand it. SNEHA is instrumental in giving a voice to the groups with which it works and which have started to articulate their needs. To enable this to happen and to promote sustainability, the major “Partner” in the system i.e., ‘the Delivery Mechanism’ needs to recognise and respond to the awareness of these needs.

In order to build capacity, SNEHA’s strategy is to mobilise the Government’s technical, financial, and institutional support to the people’s institutions. In a nutshell, SNEHA’s programmes are aimed at strengthening Community - Government partnership in an atmosphere of cordiality with the aim of ‘reaching the unreached’. This will help to make transactions between the various institutions transparent.

The philosophy of SNEHA is to facilitate the self-sustainability of the process of development by empowering the community through: 1. Working with existing structures in the community. 2. Building the capacity of existing structures- SHG, CBOs, Gram Panchayath etc. 3. Establishing a network among the various agencies serving the community.


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